Discover the most incredible collection of animals that reside in Houston Petting Zoo. From furry friends to feathered fellows, read on to learn what animals are at the Houston Petting Zoo and make a plan to visit them today!

Here Are The Top 10 Animals in Houston Petting Zoos

The Houston Petting Zoo is home to a diverse group of animals, ranging from small and cuddly to big and majestic. Here’s a list of animals you can expect to see during your visit:

1. Goats: Petting zoos and goats go hand in hand, and Houston Petting Zoo is no exception. The zoo has a variety of goats, including pygmy goats, which are always a hit with the kids. These playful little goats love attention and will often nuzzle visitors for a pat on the head.


2. Sheep: Along with goats, sheep are another staple of petting zoos. Houston Petting Zoo has a few different types of sheep, including Suffolk and Dorper sheep. These gentle animals are a pleasure to be around and have a soft, woolly coats that visitors can touch.


3. Alpacas: If you’re looking for a unique animal to pet, the alpacas at Houston Petting Zoo are a great choice. These South American natives have long, curly fur and are known for their gentle nature. Visitors can feed them and take selfies with them too.


4. Llamas: Similar to alpacas, llamas are also South American animals with long, woolly coats. They are bigger than alpacas and have a reputation for being a bit more stubborn, but they’re still a lot of fun to be around.


5. Miniature Horses: These tiny horses are always a hit with visitors of all ages. Houston Petting Zoo has a few miniature horses that visitors can pet and take photos with. They may be small, but they have big personalities!

Miniature Horses

6. Chickens: The Houston Petting Zoo also has a few feathered friends on display, including chickens. Visitors can watch these birds scratch around in the dirt and even collect eggs if they’re lucky!


7. Ducks: Along with chickens, ducks are also part of the Houston Petting Zoo family. These adorable birds love to swim in the pond and quack at visitors as they walk by.


8. Rabbits: Soft and cuddly, rabbits are always a hit with kids. Houston Petting Zoo has a variety of rabbits, including Holland Lops and Lionheads. Visitors can pet these fluffy animals and watch them hop around.


9. Guinea Pigs: Another popular petting zoo animal, guinea pigs are known for their cute faces and soft fur. Houston Petting Zoo has a few of these furry little creatures on display, and visitors can pet them and even hold them if they’re gentle.

Guinea Pigs

10. Tortoises: Slow and steady wins the race, and that’s certainly true for the tortoises at Houston Petting Zoo. These ancient creatures are fascinating to watch and have a shell that visitors can touch.



Can I feed the animals at Houston Petting Zoo?

Yes, visitors are welcome to feed some of the animals at Houston Petting Zoo. There are designated feeding areas where visitors can purchase food for the animals and interact with them in a safe and controlled environment. However, it’s important to follow the zoo’s guidelines and feed only the animals that are permitted to be fed.

Are there any exotic animals at Houston Petting Zoo?

While Houston Petting Zoo mainly features domesticated animals, there are a few exotic animals on display as well. Visitors can see a beautiful peacock strutting around the zoo, as well as a few parrots that love to chat with visitors.

Is Houston Petting Zoo suitable for all ages?

Yes, Houston Petting Zoo is a family-friendly destination that’s suitable for visitors of all ages. The animals are gentle and well-cared for, and there are plenty of activities and exhibits to keep visitors entertained.

Can I bring my own food to Houston Petting Zoo?

While visitors are not allowed to bring their own food to Houston Petting Zoo, there are plenty of food options available at the zoo’s snack bar. Visitors can enjoy snacks, drinks, and meals while taking a break from petting the animals.

Are there any special events at Houston Petting Zoo?

Houston Petting Zoo hosts a variety of special events throughout the year, including holiday-themed events, birthday parties, and private tours. Visitors can check the zoo’s website or social media pages for information about upcoming events.


Visiting Houston Petting Zoo is a wonderful way to spend a day with family and friends. From goats and sheep to alpacas and miniature horses, there’s no shortage of animals to pet and interact with. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, you’re sure to have a fun and memorable experience at Houston Petting Zoo. So what are you waiting for? Come and see what animals are at the Houston Petting Zoo and create some unforgettable memories!

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